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CFP 2-8 Zone LPCB Fire Panel

C-TEC’s award-winning CFP conventional fire panel is LPCB certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 and offers an array of user and installer-friendly features at a very competitive price.

Supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, 2, 4 and 8 zone versions are available, each featuring four conventional sounder circuits, class change and alert inputs, on-board fire and fault relays and combined keypad/keyswitch entry.

A wide range of engineering functions are also provided including selectable zone delays, coincidence and non-latching zone facilities. Comprehensive test and fault finding facilities are also provided.

Key CFP features:

  •  LPCB certified to the latest versions of EN54 Parts 2 and 4
  •  Intuitive user-friendly interface with colour-coded buttons and combined keypad/keyswitch entry to access level 2
  •  2, 4 or 8 zone circuits (dependent on model purchased)
  •  Four conventional sounder circuits
  •  Integral 1.5A EN54-4/A2 compliant switch mode PSU
  •  Wide range of engineering functions including zone test, coincidence*, zone delay and non- latching zones*
  •  Two on-board relays (Fire and Fault)
  •  Two open-collector outputs (Remote and Reset)
  •  ‘Class change’ and alert inputs
  •  Installer-friendly design accommodates easy first fix and straightforward maintenance
  •  Attractive flush or surface mountable plastic lid and enclosure – no bezel required
  •  Low 25mA quiescent current
  •  Multiple indicators
  •  End of line units included (one per zone)
  •  Ancillary system expansion connections provided for up to eight two-wire repeaters (one CFP761 network driver card required per system) and optional CFP relay boards
  •  Space for two x 12V 3.3Ah VRLA batteries

Series 65A Photo-Electric Smoke Detector

The Series 65A Photo-Electric Smoke Detector incorporates a pulsing LED located within the housing of the detector. The detector housing is identical to that of the Ionization Detector but has an indicator LED which is clear in quiescent state but produces red light in alarm.

Smoke 65

Series 65A Heat Detector

The Series 65A Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a dual thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature.There are nine heat detectors in the Series 65A range designed to suit a wide variety of operating conditions.

  •  can be used for applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable
  •  ideal enviroments that are dirty or smoky under normal conditions
  •  wide operating voltage
  •  flashing LED and magnet operated test switch option

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