Aluminum 15

Door stations

Features and Functions

  • Panel is made of cast-aluminum in order to be anti-vandal and waterproof;
  • Button is with Backlight LED for operation at night;
  • B/W CCD is with IR LED or Color SONY CCD is with white LED to ensure clear image at night;
  • PCB boards are produced with SMT technology to ensure high quality;
  • Surface or flush mounted; Surface mounted is with rain cover;
  • With a pin-hole camera inside;
  • Card reader is optional;
  • To call & talk with indoor phone;
  • Accepted to be connected with all kinds of Electric lock, door open time is lasting 10 seconds


Indoor Phones

Features and Functions

  • Hands-free design;
  • Special glossy surface
  • Monitor the outdoor station without visitors’ attention;
  • Talk with visitors and unlock the door remotely;
  • Call guard unit for emergency help if there is a guard unit;
  • 7″TFT-LCD display;
  • 4 or 7 alarm zones are optional;
  • Picture memory function is optional;
  • Extra indoor phones are available for each apartment;
  • More than 10 chords for ring selection;
  • Avoid-disturbed function;
  • Available to connect with door bell;
  • Available to adjust picture contrast and brightness, speech volume;

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